Collecting Proof

What is Proof?

ProofPort has two types of documentation:

  • Public Proof and Supporting Data
  • Proof or Supporting Data By Agreement

Public Proof or Supporting Data - Proof or Supporting Data that can be collected by anyone with a ProofPort account

Proof or Supporting Data By Agreement -  Proof or Supporting Data requiring an Agreement with the Provider of a Solution to collect Proof of Compliance or Supporting Data for that Solution

Where do I find Proof?

You can find Proof and/or Supporting Data on any Solution Profile in the ProofPort Directory.

How do I collect Proof in ProofPort?

Your Collection page stores all the Proof and Supporting Data you gather from Solution Profiles. To collect Proof or Supporting Data for your Collection, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Directory to navigate to the Solution Profile of the Solution you want Proof or Supporting Data for.
  2. If there is Public Proof or Supporting Data available, you can click the green "Collect" button next to the specific Proof or Supporting Data you want to collect.
  3. If a piece of Proof or Supporting Data requires an Agreement to access, you can instead follow these instructions for creating an agreement to gain permission to collect that Proof or Supporting Data.

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