Publishing a Solution

What is a Solution Profile?

A Solution is a product or service your company offers to its customers. In ProofPort, a Solution Profile is a page in the ProofPort Directory that represents a product or service offered by your company.

Where can I find Solution Profiles?

Each tile in the ProofPort Directory represents a Solution Profile. Each Solution Profile contains information about the Solution represented, any Proof or Supporting data relevant to that Solution, and a brief profile of the Company that provides the Solution.

How do I publish a Solution Profile?

  1. To publish a Solution Profile to the Directory, you will first need to publish a Company Profile to the Directory. This is because each Solution Profile has to connect back to the profile of the Company that offers it.
  2. Once you have published a Company Profile, you can go to your Publish page in your account and scroll to the second section of the page labeled "Solutions".
  3. Next, click the green "Add a Solution" button to access the form where you will input your Solution information.

Note: If you claimed your company instead of creating one from scratch, much of the data will appear already entered on the Solution form. You can edit certain information, but you will not be able to edit information gained from public sources like the PCI Security Standards Council, because it is data from another source. If data from a public source in incorrect, you will need to contact the original source - in this example you would contact the PCI Security Standards Council - to change the information.

  1. If the information in the form has not been previously filled-in by public data from a Company Profile that you claimed, you will be able to fill in several of the fields. The information you put in this field will be displayed on your Solution Profile in the ProofPort Directory, so make sure it's up-to-date!
  2. Lastly, click "Publish Now" to publish your Solution Profile to the Directory, or click "Save and Exit" if you decide you don't want to publish your Solution profile yet.

To edit a Solution Profile, simply use the edit icon on the right-hand side of the Solution on the Publishing page.

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